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Jordi Rosés

Cielo de Orión, nº 4, 1993

Engraving in 3 colors

Image format: 44 x 32,5 cm

Paper: Hahnemühle 44 x 32,5 cm

Edition of 50 numbered and signed works

Order number: 2956

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About this work:

The admirable portfolio Cielo de Orión (Orion's Sky), has its origins in the shared fondness that the Catalan editor Jordi Rosés and the universalist Perejaume feel for the sombrious and mysterious Montnegre. Based on Perejaume's four notable poems, Jordi Roses creates four engravings which reject figuration in favour of mere suggestions of landscapes. We can appreciate the turquoise seascape and the starry sky.

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