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JUAN GOYTISOLO: Huellas de un gran legado

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Carlos Saura

Los Desastres, 1999

Mixed media on paper

Image format: 29,5 x 21 cm

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About this work:

Film-maker, screenplay writer, photographer, novelist and illustrator. These are the multiple facets of Carlos Saura, a fertile, prolific creator whose original illustrations - for the first time - we are offering here. These are illustrations which were made as part of the preparatory work for the film Goya en Burdeos (Goya in Bordeaux).

In his prologue for the screenplay, Saura writes, &#171What I was most interested in was accompanying Goya during his last days in Bordeaux, when his memory was growing weak and the shadow of death was pursuing him. This was a Goya who was seeking refuge in memory and who was meditating on life and death.&#187

These drawings, made with coloured pencils, Chinese ink and wax crayon on A4 paper represent scenes in Goya's life. They are portraits of his lovers, urban landscapes from Bordeaux and Madrid, details from his paintings, and sequences from the dreams, hallucinations and nightmares that haunted him. The drawings bear witness to the fascination Saura feels for the genius painter from Aragon.

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