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Exposición Tirant Lo Blanc. Una narración pictórica del mejor libro del mundo

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Here's how Círculo del Arte works

Conditions, facilities and advantatges of the club:

1. Two - year subscription:
Renewed automatically on an annual basis, unless the member informs the Club of his or her desire to cancel membership in writing two months in advance.

2. Free quarterly magazine:
Elegant collectable publication, filled with attractive works and information about artist, the art world and the exhibitions and events that the club organizes for its members at its Barcelona Gallery.

3. Types of subscription. Easy instalments and big discounts:
- Preferred member: as a down payment on their purchases, preferred member pay a monthly fee of: €30.50 (category A), €61 (category B) or 122 € (category C). In exchange they receive a discount of 5%, 10% or 20%, respectively. Accrued monthly fees must be used toward purchases, and are not refundable.
- Associate member:

4. Buy on credit interest - free:
Should your accrued fees amount to half the price of an artwork, as a preferred member you can receive the work you want immediately and pay off the remainder in 12 monthly instalments, without any interest or other additional charges.

5. Welcome gift:
Upon registering for the club, preferred members can choose as their welcome gift either a valuable work of art or a deisgn object.

6. Gifts for bringing in new members:
For each new friend a member brings in to Círculo del Arte, the club offers a double prize: a gift for each.


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7. Point & Dividends System (P&D)  

The club rewards the loyalty and patronage of its members with monthly collectable points which may be excanged for art dividends. Points are money.

8. Other services:
Among our services, we offer framing service, corporate gifts, Steidlville Bookshop (department specializing in photography books from the prestigious Steidl publishing house of Germany.

*Framing service not included on the accrued fee.

9. Website and newsletter
In addition to the offers includes in our quarterly magazine, members have access to interesting offers and information at the website They also receive news and invitations to events and inaugurations by newsletter or post.

10. How do I place an order?

  • by post: Círculo del Arte, calle Princesa 52, 08003 Barcelona
  • by e-mail:
  • by telephone: 00 34 93 268 88 20 and 00 34 93 268 88 09
  • by fax: 00 34 93 319 26 51
  • at our website:
  • at our gallery shop: calle Princesa 52, 08003 Barcelona

11. How do I pay my monthly fees?

  • by standing order
  • or by VISA card

12. Home delivery of orders
By courier service. Shipping and packaging costs not included on the accrued fee.



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