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Exposición Tirant Lo Blanc. Una narración pictórica del mejor libro del mundo

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The member subscribes to Círculo del Arte and pays a monthly fee as a down payment of future purchases

Preferred Member:

Registration and Fees. Membership in the Círculo del Arte is for a minimum of 2 years and entails monthly fees of €30,50 (fees A), €61 (fees B) or €122 (fees C), which may be paid by standing order or by VISA card. Monthly fees accrue in the member’s personal account and are intended entirely to cover the costs of purchases.

Renewing and Cancelling Membership. After the 2nd year, membership is renewed automatically on an annual basis, unless the member informs the Club of his or her desire cancel membership in writing two months in advance.

Discounts for Members. According to the fees chosen, members enjoy discounts of 5% (fees A), 10% (fees B) or 20% (fees C) on the regular Club price.

Annual Purchases. Members may accrue their fees for a maximum of two years. After the 2nd year members must make at least one purchase for the amount of the annual fees agreed to. Failing to do so, and failing to respond to the Club’s reminders to this effect, Círculo del Arte may make a purchase on the member’s behalf and assign a work or works it regards as most suitable out of a selection of which the member will be informed in advance. Accordingly, the member will be notified in advance of the work finally selected.

Free Journal. Preferred members receive free of charge the Club’s quarterly journal and special programmes.

Interest-free Instalment Programme. Upon joining the Club, preferred members may make any purchase of their choice with a minimum down payment of 50%, either out of their fees balance or in cash. The remainder must be paid within a maximum period of one year, either out of their monthly fees or, should the latter not cover the total, with the corresponding supplement (up to a maximum of €160 in monthly fees + supplement). While payment remains pending on previous purchases, any additional purchases may only be made in cash. Conditions of overseas members will be analyzed on a case by case basis.

Accrued monthly fees must be used toward purchases, and are not refundable. In the event of cancellation of membership, members have six months to use up their balance on purchases. After this period, the right to purchase will expire.

Late Payment of Fees. The Club will inform the member of – and may deduct from the member’s balance on account, if any – the monthly fees pending in order to comply with the initial agreement for a two years’ membership; after the first two years, up to a maximum of two fees payments in the absence of the agreed two months’ advance notice of cancellation of membership.


Returned Bills and Claims. The banking and administrative costs of returned bills and rebilling will result in a €15 processing charge, which will be deducted from the outstanding balance in the member’s account. In the event of insufficient funds on account, the charge will be claimed from the member.

Cancellation for Non-payment. In the event that the member fails to pay two monthly fees, and pending notification from the Club, membership will be automatically be cancelled with a charge of €20 to cover administrative costs. The member will be notified of cancellation by certified letter.

Membership Upgrades. After joining the Club, should the member decide to upgrade his or her membership in order to enjoy a greater discount (e.g. from A fees to B fees or from B to C) the member agrees to keep up his or her new membership for a minimum of 2 years.


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