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Exposición Tirant Lo Blanc. Una narración pictórica del mejor libro del mundo

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Considered the father of the Spanish underground comic, Nazario Luque Vera (Sevilla, 1944) moved to Barcelona in 1971, where he met Mariscal and other artists. He founded the counter culture collective El Rrollo Enmascarado, which published his first comic. In his passage through different publications, he reflects the contradictions of the society of the Spanish Transition with such representative figures as San Reprimonio or Purita. His irreverent comics and transgressors reflect an uninhibited and provocative Barcelona, and in the 1970s this meant problems with the censors. His strips on the transvestite detective Anarcoma are veritable chronicles of the City’s lower life. Towards the close of the 80s, he began to paint, write, and photograph. His participation in visual art shows have given a new orientation to his work and enabled him to enter the gallery circuit. His exhibition Nazario. Barcelona 1972-2002 at the Palacio de la Virreina de Barcelona constitutes a notable milestone in his career.

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