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Exposición Tirant Lo Blanc. Una narración pictórica del mejor libro del mundo

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Nightmare express, 2010

Artwork by HAGUEL and Lubok Verlag

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About this work:


The artistic cooperation between Paule HAmmer (*1975 in Leipzig) and Sebastian GöGEL (*1978 in Sonneberg) that exists since 2005 under the name HAGEL, expresses itself on unfamiliar terrain in the original graphic artist book "Nightmare Express".
Instead of grotesque installations or scary paintings you find 21 coloured linocuts. But the impression seems familiar - from absurdities to creeps, from magical to bizarre, witticism or lunacy - that is the ABC of HAGEL range of expression. The graphical insight in the variety of motives and metaphors of the two artists exercises an attraction you can‘t resiste. At the same time the sense comes over you that between fascination and fear you entered a wonderworld that belongs to a more complex story.

Artist book with 21 double-sided, single-coloured original linocuts by HAGEL, partially hand-coloured cover

Paperback, 42 pages, 22,5x32 cm, edition of 300



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