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Exposición Tirant Lo Blanc. Una narración pictórica del mejor libro del mundo

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Hugo Fontela

Hugo Fontela (Asturias, 1986) is one of the most promising creators in young Spanish painting. In 2005, Fontela entered the prestigious New York school The Art Students League. Since that period, he has lived in Manhattan, where he has his studio. The rusting old docks of New York and its aging industrial landscapes inspire his paintings and engravings. The latest series contains powerful dark silhouettes that take on the solemnity of large sculptures before the restive waters of a background splashed with colours. At the young age of nineteen, Fontela received the XX Premio BMW de Pintura de 2005 and carried out a successful first solo appearance at the Galería Ferula in Madrid. More recently, he was awarded the Premio al mejor artista de la feria ESTAMPA 2007, given by the Asociación de Críticos de Arte in Madrid. His exhibition "An American Vision" was on at the Casa de Vacas de El Retiro, Madrid, 2008.

Hugo Fontela has been awarded with the Premio Príncipe de Girona de Artes y Letras 2014.

Artworks by Hugo Fontela:

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