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Exposición Tirant Lo Blanc. Una narración pictórica del mejor libro del mundo

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Jordi Cano

The Catalan painter and printer Jordi Cano (Vic, 1954) uses a language based on the incorporation of literary resources combined with formal and visual discoveries proceeding from painting. His work feeds on fables and his compositions seem to be drawings taken from a tale. Allusions are frequent in his works to characters such as Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel from the brothers Grimm, and to the story of Amandine or les deux jardins by Michel Tournier.
In Canos works austerity is a quality that stands out. He uses a chromatic range that is reduced to white, grey, black and blue, although occasionally he turns to red in small amounts. He represents interiors with furniture such as tables and bookcases full of severely linear and geometric books. The title of works such as Legit I and Legit III takes us to a lived experience that the artist wants to convey. The spaces that Jordi Cano evokes in his work are close and accessible. Canos work has been influenced by the ideas of the philosopher and essayist Gaston Bachelard, for whom the interior of a house can be understood as a receptacle for memories. In the works that we present appear types of dark figures silhouetted against a light background, Rodins Thinker, biomorphic elements, a figure of a classical appearance and Joseph Beuys hare.

Artworks by Jordi Cano:

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