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Exposición Tirant Lo Blanc. Una narración pictórica del mejor libro del mundo

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Alberto Gironella

Alberto Gironella (Mexico City, 1929-1999) is one of the most relevant contemporary artists of Mexico. His dedication to poetry was displaced by an intense pictorial task which he began with a series of recreations of works from the Golden Age of Spanish Painting. A master of collage and sculpture, and an excellent engraver, his passion for literature consolidates him as a critic of stupidity and hypocritical appearances. Influenced by the post-modernist appropriation of the Neo-Baroque, Gironella’s pieces mix photographs and different objects such as tins of foodstuffs, packs of tobacco, labels, bottle caps, and even inspirations as dissimilar as Emiliano Zapata, the leader of the Mexican Revolution, singer Madonna, film maker Luis Buñuel, and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. His work has been shown in museums and galleries all over the world. He has been awarded many prizes and was named creator emeritus by the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte in 1993.

Artworks by Alberto Gironella:

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