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Exposición Tirant Lo Blanc. Una narración pictórica del mejor libro del mundo

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Javier Mariscal

Tots junts amb la Sabana, 1998

Screenprint in 6 colors

Image format: 76 x 56 cm

Paper: Arches 76 x 56 cm

Edition of 125 numbered and signed works

Order number: 3137

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About this work:

The African savannah is the place where the most diverse chimerical beings and every-day objects create the vibrant frenzy that dominates this work. In Tots junts amb la Sabana (All Together on the Savannah), the landscape is phantasmagorial, an unreal scene steeped in an atmosphere of collective happiness. At the same time, the colours evoke a Mediterranean landscape more than the dry plains of Africa. A signpost shows the way up a palm-tree/ladder, a giraffe drives a car, a cat plays with a standing lamp, a house looks at us, surprised at so much commotion, and a passing fish walks through the landscape with delightful parsimony.This is the logic of dreams and children, the logic of a creator with a playful spirit and an agile brush.

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