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Exposición Tirant Lo Blanc. Una narración pictórica del mejor libro del mundo

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Eduardo Arroyo

Eduardo Arroyo (Madrid, 1937) is one of the contemporary Spanish artists of greatest international projection. Arroyo’s work is notable in all the fields of the plastic arts—painting, graphics, drawing, sculpture, collage, stage set design, and writing. His style shows influences from Dadaism, Pop Art, and Surrealism, and is characterised by irony, social satire, and political critique. These features can be seen in his creations on popular social figures and the great myths of culture and history. A polymath of great versatility and the creator of essays on topics ranging from art to boxing, Eduardo Arroyo, painter par excellence of the Spanish Transition, he has brought to the Spanish pictorial tradition a new category of narrative: humour, well-informed irony, and dazzling figurative verbalisation, seen early in his initial work as a writer. In 1982 Arroyo was awarded the Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas.

Artworks by Eduardo Arroyo:

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